* Weddings&  Christenings    
     Tony Wilcox
     Parish Administrator
     01985 215460
* Memorial Services          
    D. Pollard
    01985 216560
* Funeral Services           
    F Curtis & Son
    01985 212033
  Other Non Religious Activities
  At Discretion of the Feoffees
   Contact :  Mr D Pollard  
   01985 216560

Fri 5th.May.2017
Jazz Evening with Sandy Ince
An accomplished Jazzand Swing singer performing well known classics of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald.

After Communion
Coffee Morning

These will be held until 11:30am
  • Wed 26th April
  • Wed 31st May
  • Wed 28th June
  • Wed 26th July
  • Wed 30th Aug
  • Wed 27th Sept