Friends of St.Lawrence Chapel

chapel watercolour T he Friends of St.Lawrence Chapel (FOSCL) was set up in March 2008 with the aim of supporting the work of the Feoffees of the Chapel of St. Lawrence and to "provide for the restoration, preservation, repair, maintenance, improvement and beautification of the chapel and its monuments, fittings, fixtures, stained glass, furniture, ornaments and chattels in the chapel and grounds". At the initial meeting a committee was established which now meets approximately every two months. The group achieved charity status in May 2008 and although fundraising is a prime function of the group they are also committed to raising the profile of the chapel within the community as well as maintaining it in good condition -a recent 'spring clean' was well supported. Events such as concerts performed by local children ensure the chapel is regularly used. A variety of events are organised to raise funds and another guiding principle has been to ensure that events provide 'value for money'.
Registered Charity No : 1124072

Friends Committee

Andrew Folker - Chair
Sheila Pomeroy - Treasurer
Lesley Fudge - Secretary
Susan Twiddy - Membership Sec
Marion Thomas - Committee
Ann Knight - Committee

Philip Howard - Committee
Betty Howard - Committee
John Leighton - Committee
Mary Ross-Gower - Committee
Kerry Bishop - Committee

Our Support

* £3,120 to Tower Appeal
* Kneelers
* Chairs
* Prayer box
* Crockery
* Mounting of photos taken from the tower
* Altar carpet
* Display Boards
* Photo framing

* Translation of plaque in the chapel
* Microphone & Speakers
* Floodlighting
* Loop system
* Outdoor display board
* Electric Sockets
* Leaflet holders
* Catering teapot
* Altar Frontals

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